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Electronic structure is the fundamental property of matter defining its behavior and interaction with its surroundings. New demands to gain knowledge on electronic structure, and to benefit from it, are set by the golden era of nanoscaling and functional nanomaterials design.

We invite the world’s best knowledge on electronic structure and applied fields to take the challenge to build a world-leading conference on spectroscopy and structure.

Marko Huttula, ICESS 2021 Co-Chair, Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit, University of Oulu

Ranging from atoms and molecules to complex condensed matter, the ICESS conference at 2021 will bring together scientists interested in the properties electronic structure in various different scales. Specific topics for discus-sion will include atomic and molecular science, photochemistry, quantum materials, imaging spectroscopies, novel instrumentation, and nanomaterials.

Special focus of the conference is in highlighting the new developments and applications of the use of synchro-tron radiation and Free Electron lasers around the world. Novel facilities with emerging technologies have been established producing beyond state of the art fundamental science and engaging completely new disciplinaries to use these imaging and characterization tools.

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