The ELSPEC Student Awards have been created as a part of the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena’s ambition to engage with young researchers and support them in attending relevant conferences in the field.

This award is given out on a yearly basis in two categories:

  • Student Award in atomic, molecular and optical physics
  • Student Award in condensed matter physics

The prizes will be awarded at relevant conferences – this year during ICESS-15 – on the basis of information provided to the Awards Committee. They consist of a certificate and a cash prize of EUR 1,000. (So in total EUR 2,000. EUR 1,000 for each category). 

We are happy to announce that ELSPEC Student Awards in 2023 go to:

Elin Berggren, Uppsala University, Sweden, for the work on “Core-hole clock spectroscopy on organic polymer heterojunction”


Catmarna Sophia Küstner-Wetekam, University of Kassel, Germany, for the work on “Interatomic decay after inner-shell photoionization of krypton clusters”

We congratulate both AMO and condensed matter award winners! The award consisting of a certificate and a cash prize of EUR 1,000 will be provided in ICESS-15 awards ceremony on Friday 25th of August.

Award committee: Prof. Marko Huttula, Assistant Prof. Antonija Grubišić Čabo, Associate Prof. Minna Patanen, Prof. Nobuhiro Kosugi