Welcome to the best of Oulu!

In this vital city, ICESS 2021 will be more than a conference. It will be your own unique Northern Experience.

Capital of Northern Scandinavia

Oulu is the fastest growing city in Arctic Europe – a cool city with hot business just an hour’s flight from Helsinki.

Being the biggest commercial, logistic and cultural hub in the region, Oulu is also called the Capital of Northern Scandinavia. Two universities and a wide pool of expertise provide a solid foundation for new businesses and future investments in Oulu.

The city has a rich educational supply. The University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences offer numerous faculties, departments and specialised research units which create the foundation of multiscientific research, innovation and training of experts. Regular co-operation with local enterprises provides high-quality education and constant development.

Oulu is number 1 in quality of life.

European Commission Quality of Life in European Cities 2015

The region of Oulu boasts a thriving life science sector with about 200 hi-tech companies from bio, health, and wellbeing fields. It provides an exceptionally wide and versatile selection of shared R&D environments and living labs to further develop solutions as well as to test their functionality in real environments.

Oulu Facts and Figures

• 250,000 inhabitants in Oulu metropolitan area
• 2nd busiest in Finland, Oulu Airport
• 120 different nationalities
• Over ⅓ of the inhabitants hold a university degree in Oulu
• One of the top brain belts in the world
• Nature is your next door neighbour in Oulu